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      Spaceway - About the project

    About the project

    -What is it?
    SpaceWay is a near-realistic space flight simulator, aimed to combine the physical accuracy and procedural generation.
    It is a whole universe for virtual explorations in one game.

    -What will it do?
    Right now the goal of the project is to create a navigable procedurally generated universe with the scale from galaxies down to rocks on the planets, that you can look around and fly around.
    If you liked to play the old classic Noctis, or like Orbiter, you might find Spaceway similar.
    The universe is constructed using slightly dated planetary system formation theories, modulated with different fractal and repeatable random functions.

    The simulated laws of physics in it reflects the actual newtonian mechanics with some simplifications in the areas of planetary trajectory calculation (as of 03.2008), allowing a realistic-feeling space flights inside the solar systems.
    Also, a "classic space game" drive is modelled for simplier motion.
    Procedural spaceship generation provides a variety of vehicles for space flight, surface exploration, interstellar trips and so on.

    -What can be expected?
    So far, the goal is to get a working universe one can fly around and explore comfortably. Think Noctis meets Orbiter.
    Future goal might include creating a Frontier: Elite - like game, in the much larger scale.
    Elements of many games i like are being included or referenced. Only future can tell whether it would turn into a best of all worlds game, or just a bloated directionless sim.

    -System requirements
    The bigger the better.
    Multi-core CPU and a good GPU is a must for nice appearance.
    ATI HD5870 level or higher card would give the best kind of experience.
    Nvidia cards are known to work, but are untested at this time.
    The game can be scaled down to be playable on netbook-level hardware, but at cost of bland visuals.
    On Asus EEE PC 901 it gives 15-20 FPS on minimal settings.

    -Where can i get it?
    Current builds are available in the Download section of this site.

    -Where is the manual?
    The help is in-built into the game - press H for control descriptions and key list, or follow the introductory story.
    There is also some aged documentation around this site and in doc directory of the release package.

    -How is it related to Orbiter?
    Back in 2005 it was intended to replicate Orbiter Space Flight simulator with addition of features that Orbiter didn't have.
    That goal have quickly been dropped.
    Never the less, me being an Orbiter fan causes the interface and controls to remain quite similar.
    Several MFDs are based on the appearance of the corresponding Orbiter ones.


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