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  •       Vessels of Spaceway


    Warp ship


    Fuel station




      Vessels - Rapier

    Simple fighter-like craft. Fast enough for orbital maneuvres.
    No special abilities.
    Can warp, but only up to light speed.
    Can carry an mmu or a rover.
    Equipped with headlights.


      Vessels - Warp ship

    A star trek-like wooden warp vessel, not supposed to land.
    Rotation rates are limited when above speed of light.
    Warp speed unlimited.
    Can carry a Rapier


      Vessels - Slowboat

    Slowboat vessel, Larry Niven style circular flying wing.
    Capable of reaching 130 000 km/s one way.
    A slower-that-light colony ship.
    93 days to accelerate to cruise velocity, 53 to decellerated.
    Start braking 2222 AU from destination.
    Can carry a Rapier


      Vessels - Fuel station

    Refuels anythting within 100 meters from it.
    Unlimited fuel.
    Must be placed manually.


      Vessels - Gate ship

    Portable stargate.
    Unlimited warp speed.


      Vessels - Rover

    Rover is a kind of all terrain vehicle.
    Can carry an MMU, and fits inside Rapier.
    Equipped with vertical accelerator (jumping), and thrusters, so it can get off the ground in weak gravity.
    Equipped with headlights.


      Vessels - Flyer

    A portable airplane.
    Can carry an MMU, and fits inside Rapier.
    The engine only works in the air, so the thing is useless in the vaccuum.
    Equipped with headlights.


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