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    Best pick
    Development: Late 2014
    Development, early 2012
    Development: Late 2011
    Development: Early 2011
    Development: September 2010
    Anaglyph screenshots (1.4 hi-res Mb)
    Development: Feburary 2010
    Development: Early 2010
    Development: late 2009
    Development: Middle 2009
    Development: Early 2009


    Development: Early 2009



































    Not really.
    At least nothing that would be externally noticed.
    SW is only a programmer's toy, after all.
    07.12.2012 12:05-Artlav

    Has there been any note-worthy progress lately?
    24.09.2012 04:55-Anonymous

    There is always something new. :)
    01.02.2012 11:56-Artlav

    Anything new in the line of development? The new screenshots are looking very cool.
    31.01.2012 06:57-rafiel

    В прошлом годы был на Ибице, так там познакомился с человеком, у которого стиль изложения материала очень похож на ваш. Но, к сожалению, тот человек очень далек от Интернета.
    26.11.2010 06:19-Waydaynorne

    Чёрт возьми! Круто!Вы Сами ответили.Беру в цитник! Смысл жизни и всё остальное. Решено.Без шуток.
    24.11.2010 10:01-Waydaynorne

    Елки-палки уникальная заметка
    18.11.2010 00:52-Waydaynorne

    Опутеть как интересно, во задвигаете. Класс!
    16.11.2010 15:54-Waydaynorne

    That first planet is just amazing.

    14.10.2010 06:48-IgnoreThisBarrel

    Некоторые скрины потрясающе красивые! (другие не потрясают только из-за не очень реалистичного генератора ландшафта) Успехов в дальнейшей работе и огромное спасибо за демку! =)
    08.10.2010 19:37-allcreater

    Donatelo200 - Some planets are more complex than the others, so while your system is up to simplier ones, the uber-hard Terran one might be out of it's reach. I've added some complexity options to the coming update, as well as a reliable detection of incapable GPU's to prevent the blank planets altogether.
    29.09.2010 21:18-Artlav

    I forgot to mention the GPU settings work on all other types of planets.(very impressive textures) I have a good 20FPS on a desert world with GPU and similar FPS with all other planets. It's only the Earthlike planets that experience the problem.
    28.09.2010 00:03-Donatelo200

    Pinback - nice, i'll get over there.
    Donatelo200 - siloetted planets mean that the GPU generation is too hard for your video card. Exact problem should be noted in shader.log or spaceway.log. You can fix it by disabling GPU generation in options menu, drawback being that the planets would not look as good as in the screenshots.
    27.09.2010 23:42-Artlav

    I'm having a similar problem.
    With the default settings spaceway runs but the terrain is see through!? All i see is the silloett of the terrain. I can post screenes on OF if you wan't me to.
    It could be my graphics card again but i would doubt that after you helped me fix it the last time.
    14.09.2010 23:45-Donatelo200

    Very interesting project you going there you might want to pop over to space sim central as I’am sure a few of us would like to know more about it.

    14.09.2010 12:32-Pinback

    Dark air - fixed.
    Excessively thick atmospheres - fixed.
    Terran planet appearance is only as in screenshots if you have GPU generation on (on by default in 100912), and to have it working you'll need a higher-end video card.
    More on performance tweaking here:
    14.09.2010 09:07-Artlav

    I can't get the planets to look like what they do in the screenshots.
    14.09.2010 00:32-problem

    Above and beyond with the new terrain class! Looks 100% realistic and can't wait to fly around on them!
    12.09.2010 02:50-Donatelo200

    I would love to write add-ons for this too. I've been playing this even in the unfinished state. I love exploring planets many galaxies away. Can't wait for this to be finished-- I would even pay for it, lol. Great work again, Artlav!

    I just have two issues at the moment but I don't know where to post them so I'll put them here:

    1) With advanced graphics on, atmospheres look dark from a certain distance away-- probably just my computer.

    2) Not really a technical problem, but the atmospheres look really thick in this compared to Orbiter. Around planets the size of Earth, I'm occasionally still in the atmosphere at 400 km altitude.
    01.09.2010 01:53-Secret Admirer

    -Universe is newtonian.
    -Compiling it takes some doing - All hope abandon ye who enter here.
    -Framerates are not going to be good on medium and older systems. It's a high-end game.
    -3D stars might be added latter. Right now i'm trying to make it more playable.
    -Windows 7 works here. Please report bugs to the forum .
    -Life forms are on the distant plans.
    -Better star textures and texture matching are in nearby plans.
    27.08.2010 23:33-Artlav

    Will anything be done with the random star textures?
    I've seen a white black hole and a blue M class star.
    22.06.2010 20:46-no one you know

    I've been waiting for the next Noctis for 8 years now. This is something to look forward to, I hope. Any plans for planetary lifeforms?
    10.06.2010 06:28-Zaphod

    I recently upgraded to windows 7 and spaceway no longer works
    07.05.2010 03:31-Donatelo200

    This is just a suggjestion. Could the stars be in 3D instead of the 2D disks?
    09.04.2010 19:08-Anonamis

    Can anything be done to improve the frame rate ? I tried turning off all the graphics features but still get fps of 5 - I have an Intel GMA 4500M card in my laptop with a dual core - it runs orbiter super smoothly - surely a lot of optimization is possible.
    31.03.2010 15:59-dumbo2007

    I can't get the build.bat to work.
    31.03.2010 00:39-Help

    Mind waiting to start writing addons for this thing does this support a relativistic universe or is it newtonian
    28.03.2010 04:57-dumbo2007

    Once there will be something interesting to release.
    Fully working autopilots, for example.
    Nebulas will likely be eventually, but no idea when.
    19.03.2010 20:26-Artlav

    When will the next version be reliesed? Also, while looking at an early version i noticed a screenshot of a nebula. Will that be implimented back into the game in the futer?
    12.03.2010 01:35-Random person

    07.03.2010 23:56-Artlav

    Will there be atmospheric drag in a later version?
    07.03.2010 21:40-Random person

    Scratch off the end of my last comment. I found wher to download. Nice job with this game to.
    21.02.2010 01:14-Donatelo200

    Lol. I didn't know the W key did anything. Never mind that was what i wanted. O and when will the next version be reliesed?
    21.02.2010 01:12-Donatelo200

    Drifting in space?
    Have you tried W key mode?
    If that's not it, what do you mean?
    20.02.2010 23:43-Artlav

    Exelent!!A+!!But i Would like it to include an option to stop drifting in spacein the next version. (like the star wars mfd in computerex's Computerex Add-on Pack)
    19.02.2010 04:40-Donatelo200

    Thou art a Smite Meister!
    18.02.2010 19:42-Enjo

    Yes, there is.
    Current one: (Obsolete)
    Orbiter-like controls, far from any kind of completion, certain to have bugs.
    16.02.2010 22:23-Artlav

    What he said!
    30.01.2010 03:18-McWgogs

    is there any version of this open to the public? thats absolutely amazing!
    22.01.2010 22:08-sfpilot

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