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    World log

      Gates - Stargates

    Can be on the ground:

    Can be on a ship in space:

    A rapid interstellar and intergalactic transit system, the gates are found on most planets through the entire universe.

    The GUI element to control the gate:

    It can be accesed from main menu or by "A" key.
    The activation of the gate, called dialing, can be toggled by "G" key.
    The address can be inputted directly, or copied from the world log, which is described later.

    The address:
    The address represents the spatial location of the target:


    First one is the full address, it contains the galaxy number between # and *.
    That is followed by star ID.
    The last letter is the planet.
    0 - galaxy
    5JPG3PB8x43 - star
    c - third planet

    The second one is the same, but in short form, for local transport within one galaxy.

    The third is the address of a specific gate, to dial a gateship.

    Use and safety
    Once the gate is active, walk or fly through it's plane.
    You should reach you destination immidiately.
    The gate sends one traveller per activation, so anyone following would have to dial again.

    Once through, the dialing address is set to the address of your point of origin.
    So, if you dial as soon as you arrive, you would get a way back to where you came from, unless it's another galaxy.

    So far the gates will transfer between galaxies, but current version of the universe cannot have more than one active galaxy.
    That means that if you leave something behind, it will likely get out of orbit or something.

    Intergalactic travel is not guaranteed to get you to the target you asked for.
    If the address is incorrect, then you will end up in interstellar space roughly where the target shoule have been.
    If the address is correct, then you would certainly arrive at your requested destination.


    The gates can have 4 states.
    Off - inactive, nothing happens.
    Blue gate - the link is established, the destination is verified. Safe to transfer.
    Red gate - intergalactic link established. Destination unverified, proceed with caution.
    Yellow gate - the address is incorrect or the target is out of reach.


      Gates - World log

    To keep track of places you visited and their unrememberable adresses there is the World Log.
    Accessible from main menu or by "L" quick key.

    Logging worlds
    You can log the planet you're closest to (camera-defined) by pressing the Log current button.
    The log saves automatically, the file is data/starlog.txt

    Recalling, viewing and travelling
    You can go through the list, on the right there would be descriptions and information about the planet you've selected on the left.

    You can set the target to the currently selected planet.
    The target would show as a pink cross in the sky:

    There are also options to open the stargate controls, where you'll find the button to copy the selected addres to the dialler.
    And, since you'll likely do that to go there, there is also a "Stargate there" shortcut.
    That would dial the given address at the nearest gate at once.

    Intergalactic moments
    The only checkbox would clearly mark addresses that are from other galaxies.
    For these, the planet information is not available, and certain caution should be excercised when gating.
    Also, intergalactic targets would not show the pink cross so far.


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